How to avoid distractions while reading?

If you feel distracted even after switching off your phone, you need to read with a strategy. Here are some handy tips to avoid distractions while reading.

The foremost rule to avoid distractions while reading is to keep your phone in silent mode. Smartphones are the need of time, but they are also interfering in our day to day life. You’ll be surprised to know that even goldfish has a longer attention span than humans!

The fact is we’re unable to concentration on reading mainly because we find other activities lucrative and simpler. But, nothing can supersede the benefits of reading. Here are some techniques to help you avoid distractions while reading.

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How to start a book club?

A book club is a place where a group of people (readers) meet to discuss what they read and their opinions on what they have read. Book clubs are a great place to socialize with like-minded people. It also gives you a kick to express your opinion in public. And you’ll notice that in a book club, your opinion is valued. If there aren’t too many book clubs in your locality, you can start one. But, how to start a book club? Well, it’s not rocket science. Following guidelines can help you start your book club.

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5 Commendable teaching strategies for improving reading comprehension

Students not understanding what the teacher is explaining is a common problem. The task becomes especially tedious for teachers when they have to teach a batch of 30 or more students. After all, not every child has an equal understanding. But, how can a teacher let go of the lessons if his pupils won’t understand? To ease your dilemma, here we bring 5 commendable teaching strategies for improving reading comprehension.

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How much time should one spend on reading?

Reading is the best hobby that everyone should pursue. Especially when we live in an era where we have ample resources to read and learn, we must make the most of it. Be it a newspaper, kindle, e-book, paperback, or magazine; one must definitely spend a part of the day reading. But, exactly how much should one read in a day? Well, before getting an answer to this, have a look at the stats that say how less we actually read these days!

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Does reading benefit people of all ages?

Everyone pursues reading in childhood. But, when you’re a grown up, reading becomes a matter of interest. Many doubt the worthiness of reading over outdoors. Some worry that since they did not read much in childhood, how will it benefit now? Well, in simple words – reading benefits people of all ages. Following are some of the reading benefits you can observe in day-to-day life.

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How to improve comprehension skills for young readers

Many young (4th – 5th grade) graders find difficulty in understanding the topics and in the quest of passing the exam, they end up mugging the important questions. But, this method of learning is not sustainable in the long run. Because higher studies require understanding the subject more. Here are some techniques to improve comprehension skills of children above 11 years of age. But before, let’s examine what are the expectations from the children of this age group.

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What causes the reading comprehension problem?

Reading and re-reading the same paragraph and the child is still not understanding. Seems exhaustive. Parents and teachers usually give up in this situation and blame children for not paying attention. And children – they end up getting punishment which excludes them from the rest of the lecture session. But, is it actually because the child is more interested in playing? Or is it because the child is losing interest in reading because he is not understanding? Well, if later is the case, here we bring some common causes of reading comprehension problem.

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How to help a child with reading comprehension?

“I send my child regularly to school, extra classes, still he says he doesn’t understand what he reads.”

Ramya, Parent of a child studying in 3rd grade.

Are these your woes too? Are you stressed that how will your child cope up when the syllabus grows with his grades every year?

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