How to avoid distractions while reading?

If you feel distracted even after switching off your phone, you need to read with a strategy. Here are some handy tips to avoid distractions while reading.

The foremost rule to avoid distractions while reading is to keep your phone in silent mode. Smartphones are the need of time, but they are also interfering in our day to day life. You’ll be surprised to know that even goldfish has a longer attention span than humans!

The fact is we’re unable to concentration on reading mainly because we find other activities lucrative and simpler. But, nothing can supersede the benefits of reading. Here are some techniques to help you avoid distractions while reading.

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How to start a book club?

A book club is a place where a group of people (readers) meet to discuss what they read and their opinions on what they have read. Book clubs are a great place to socialize with like-minded people. It also gives you a kick to express your opinion in public. And you’ll notice that in a book club, your opinion is valued. If there aren’t too many book clubs in your locality, you can start one. But, how to start a book club? Well, it’s not rocket science. Following guidelines can help you start your book club.

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How to read faster?

We’re most likely to read something every day. Be it a blog post, news, book, or work files, reading faster and understanding it well can save a great deal of our time. Learning to read faster requires practice and patience. Here we bring handy tips on how to read faster.

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7 Reading strategies for struggling readers

The budding readers encounter certain difficulties, for example, concentration, interest, comprehension, to name few. When one is unable to understand, it is certainly difficult to keep up the reading habit. But, there is always a way to win over your wrestling with reading. Have a look at these strategies for struggling readers, which might help you as well.

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