7 Reading strategies for struggling readers

7 strategies for struggling readers

The budding readers encounter certain difficulties, for example, concentration, interest, comprehension, to name few. When one is unable to understand, it is certainly difficult to keep up the reading habit. But, there is always a way to win over your wrestling with reading. Have a look at these strategies for struggling readers, which might help you as well.

Read in a comfortable environment

A noisy, stressed environment is the worst for your pursuit of reading. Reading requires concentration to understand what the author is trying to convey. Therefore, it is important to read in a space which is free from environmental distractions.

Read Aloud

Chances are, you might feel lost in thoughts while reading a book. To prevent that distraction of thought, you can read aloud to be aware.

Try to Visualize

Visualizing what you just read is a great strategy to remember the context. Also, visualizing text retains your reading for a longer time.

Make notes

Especially if you are not a regular reader, making notes can help you recall the context. The strategy would be- make note of the understanding of today’s readings. Tomorrow, before starting the next page, read your notes first. Gradually, when you become a habitual reader, you might not need to make notes. Still, it is a good practice and pro-readers are no exception.

Work on your vocabulary

Try to memorize the new words you encounter. A good vocabulary helps you read faster and holds your interest in reading.

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Start with simple books

Remember, efficient reading is a process. One won’t become a pro overnight. Start with easy and gradually increase your level of reading. Picking a difficult book and giving up on it is not what you want, right?

Join book clubs and stroll libraries

Motivation is a must to continue your quest of reading. Make efforts to keep the motivation level high. Join book clubs, discuss your understanding with peers, and visit libraries for reading vibes.

The Decider

Research says, reading on screen slows the inference and hence the reading remains not as fun as reading a paperback. However, it is yet to be validated on the upcoming generation. Because, we are the early adopters of technology and still, a part of us is trained reading paperbacks. For sure, a medium is not a constraint in the strategies for struggling readers. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether to pick a paperback or Kindle, whichever you are more comfortable. As long as you are reading regularly!