Reading teaches you to focus

We are more distracted than ever – that phone keeps beeping and clicking with tweets, posts, messages, emails, chat and what not!

We have become so familiar with functioning in this way that we fail to realize that this type of behavior increases stress and decreases productivity. We are in a continuous situation of “Attention Deficit” – Cannot really focus on anything. This is also commonly called ‘scattered brain’ behavior

When you read a book, all of your attention is on the book – you won’t even notice the rest of the world is falling away from you.

When you read, you need to connect words into sentences. Sentences into story arc. You immerse yourself into the events as the story arcs turn, bend, connect and weave themselves into an incredible story. Before you know it you are transported into other worlds.

Reading is the closest you can come to teleportation – atleast until that is invented as thing!

Whether you are 10 or 50 you must read for 15 – 20 minutes every day. If you are a busy person, try reading for 15 minute before going to work or starting to work on something important — You will be surprised how much focused you are. You can say thanks to your ‘reading habit’ later.

Its not just a coincidence that ‘better readers’ make ‘better leaders’.
To lead you need to have a lot of good traits but knowledge and immense focus are indispensible. They both come from reading.