How can parents and teachers collaborate for a child’s reading success?

Parent-teacher relationship for a child's reading success

Parents are the first teacher for a child and as the child grows, teachers become the second parent to him. And we very well know that both play an important role in a child’s overall development. But, do each one of us value this parent-teacher relationship? Apart from the annual (maybe quarterly or half-yearly for some) parents-teachers meeting, how often do we interact with each other? Both, as a parent or as a teacher, do we invest enough in this intricate relationship? Well, if not, then we should. Read on the following simple ways to help you collaborate for a child’s development.

Initiate speaking up the problem

Like we open up to discuss problems in front of a doctor, do the same with teachers. Your child spends more time with them and they should be aware of the difficulties you child faces. It could be related to reading comprehension, illness, concentration, interest, or anything. If the teacher is aware, he can be cautious and would be able to handle the child better. And the same rule applies to the teacher as well.

If your child is facing reading comprehension problem, this link could help.

Talk often

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. And, the parent-teacher relationship is no exception. Speak and interact often, even if you think your child is doing well.

We are often engrossed in our work, that we rarely care to speak to the child’s teacher. Similarly, a teacher might be busy handling 100s of students, so it might look difficult for him too. Still, set your priorities and schedule and don’t give up on talking to each other often.

Encourage and discourage together

The child must have a clear understanding of the right and wrong. If he does good work, both parents and teachers should encourage together. If there is something you don’t appreciate, talk and discourage the child unanimously.

Research says, there must be mutual trust and respect between parents, school, and community for better development of children.

The bottom line

Parent-teacher relationship is very important for a child’s personality development. Therefore, it is very important that we interact with each other often, understand the difficulties that a child is facing both morally and learning wise. This way, we can help in shaping the child’s success stories.