How to avoid distractions while reading?

If you feel distracted even after switching off your phone, you need to read with a strategy. Here are some handy tips to avoid distractions while reading.

avoid distractions while reading

The foremost rule to avoid distractions while reading is to keep your phone in silent mode. Smartphones are the need of time, but they are also interfering in our day to day life. You’ll be surprised to know that even goldfish has a longer attention span than humans!

The fact is we’re unable to concentration on reading mainly because we find other activities lucrative and simpler. But, nothing can supersede the benefits of reading. Here are some techniques to help you avoid distractions while reading.

Read in a peaceful environment

Nobody can read in an environment which is full of people and noise. Find a place in your home or park where there is substantial silence and you’re not distracted by noise.

If you cannot find such a place, visit libraries. It is one of the best places to read without distractions. Libraries also motivate you to read by looking at people immersed in reading.

Prioritize your work

Sometimes the unfinished work keeps rolling in our heads and therefore we are unable to concentrate on the task we are performing. Especially it is more distracting when you are reading. Get your things done and start reading fresh, with no pending work to bother you. The best solution is, prioritize your work, make a list of tasks to finish on a particular day. Also, remember, there can be too many works on your plate and you cannot finish everything in a single day. Therefore prioritizing the work helps you perform better and you can also read without distractions.

Sleep well to avoid distractions while reading

Yes, you need to have a night of proper sleep to continue your routine well and also to read well. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults should sleep for 7 to 9 hours daily. Individuals who habitually sleep outside the normal range exhibit health problems, which also impacts concentration in reading.

If you find difficulty in building up concentration, you can make notes of the pages you’ve read. Many times we forget the context and it impacts our concentration.

You need not make elaborated notes but can write points about your recent understandings. This will help you grasp the context and help you in reading further.