What causes the reading comprehension problem?

reading comprehension problem causes

Reading and re-reading the same paragraph and the child is still not understanding. Seems exhaustive. Parents and teachers usually give up in this situation and blame children for not paying attention. And children – they end up getting punishment which excludes them from the rest of the lecture session. But, is it actually because the child is more interested in playing? Or is it because the child is losing interest in reading because he is not understanding? Well, if later is the case, here we bring some common causes of reading comprehension problem.

Limited vocabulary

Your child might not be able to understand a paragraph if he is unable to figure out the meaning of individual words.

Vision problem

Clear vision and reading comprehension are directly related to each other. If your child is having an eyesight problem, he might be unable to read the text clearly and will focus more on reading the text instead of understanding them.

Lack of interest

Chances are, the book you are asking your child to read is no fun to him. Unless the book or text is interesting, children won’t make effort to understand them.

Aphasia and dysphasia

These are the language disorders affecting children’s ability to communicate. Brain injuries, tumors, etc at a young age may cause aphasia or dysphasia. Dysphasia involves minor language impairments and can be resolved with speech and language therapies. Aphasia is a bit severe and requires neurosurgical treatment.


Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition when children find difficulty in paying attention and easily give up any task. Reading requires patience and children with ADHD lacks it.

Best practices to help your child overcome reading comprehension problem

  1. Improve vocabulary: Introduce them to at least one new word each day.
  2. Reading habit: Induce reading habit through discussion, bedtime stories, visiting libraries, etc.
  3. Involve them in a group reading.
  4. Ask them to read out loud.
  5. Develop interest: Bring your kids visual novels or comics to develop interest.
  6. Ask questions from the piece he just read.
  7. For persistent inability in reading comprehension, you should not hesitate to visit a therapist.

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