How to improve comprehension skills for young readers

improve comprehension

Many young (4th – 5th grade) graders find difficulty in understanding the topics and in the quest of passing the exam, they end up mugging the important questions. But, this method of learning is not sustainable in the long run. Because higher studies require understanding the subject more. Here are some techniques to improve comprehension skills of children above 11 years of age. But before, let’s examine what are the expectations from the children of this age group.

Children of 10+ years in age should be able to-

  1. Read the text
  2. Understand the context (what the text is about)
  3. Imagine or visualize the situation from the text
  4. Know the meaning of most of the words
  5. Read between the lines or understand the underlying message

If your child or student lags behind in any of these abilities, you need to work on improving their reading comprehension skills. Following are some proven techniques in helping improve comprehension

Improve comprehension skills in 5th graders

Encourage reading

Do whatever it takes to encourage the reading habit in your child. Do not force him, or keep bragging about benefits of reading. Instead, pick alternate strategies to develop an interest in reading, like-

  • Take your children to libraries, book stalls,
  • Promote group reading,
  • Drop a conversation about books among your circle,
  • Read books yourself, etc.

Build vocabulary

Introduce your child to new books and new words every day and help to build their vocabulary.

Read together

You can share reading with your child or encourage them for group reading sessions. Form a reading club or Join a reading club thats in your neighborhood or school.
We learn most from our peers, so why not read together, discussion books and buid comprehension too. Reading is a lot of fun when done together.

Lastly, please do not compare your child with her peers or siblings. Each child has a different trajectory of growth and development. If a child doesn’t read, they haven’t found a book that they enjoy yet. Our platform is geared towards helping your child discover books, find new genres and take their reading journey into new worlds.

Comparing your child to others will only demotivate them. As a parent, your role is to offer support, appreciation and take interest in their reading activities. Encourage them to read every day. Offer to read together sometimes. Express a genuine interest in the story they’ve read – take 15minutes to talk about what they read, how they felt about the book and what was cool or not so interesting about it. By engaging the reader, encouraging them to enter a daily reading log, you are empowering your reader to open up their reading world. Our platform and algorithms can help accelerate your childs growth and broaden their exploration if your child enters daily reading logs and attempts to read at least 20minutes every day Its a fact, reading plays an important role in developing children’s personality. Here’s how.