How many books to read in a month?

how many books to read in a month

Is this also your question? But before, let’s confront how much do you read daily? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? Or are you also among the ones who think- “people don’t read anymore these days!”

Dude, open your eyes. Not just academicians, but also the executives read 4 to 5 books in a month. Don’t you think there must be something in books that despite their busy schedule leaders are picking up the book over visual entertainments? And these are the thought leaders, game changers, innovators, risk takers, and decision makers.

How many books an average person reads?

An average person reads 2 to 3 books in a year. Whereas, leaders read 4 to 5 books in a month, which is roughly 50 books in a year. Here you can see a clear distinction between the habits of ordinary and extraordinary people.

Therefore, it is never too late to start reading as much as you can.

How many books to read in a month at beginners level?

If you’re just beginning to read, you’ll need a little push to read n number of books in a month. In the beginning, you’ll face hurdles like comprehension, speed, distractions, to name some. But, once you form a routine and follow it religiously, you’ll surely become a better reader. Here’s an idea- You can set a routine of reading ‘X’ number of pages daily. And you can gradually increase the number of pages you read every day.

Warren Buffett – the American business magnate reads 500 pages a day.

The idea is- you don’t want to just finish the book. You want to grasp the knowledge. Don’t count the number of pages or consider the thickness of books. The goal should be to religiously read books.

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