20 books for your child before she leaves primary school

primary school books

Frank Serafini, Professor of Literacy Education and Children’s Literature at Arizona State University beautifully describes the relationship between children and books. “There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.” But, we understand finding the right book can be a tedious task. After all, children’s books are always colorful and bright. To ease your task, here’s a list of primary school books for your child.

#1 Last stop on market street

Last stop on market street by Matt de la Peña is an acclaimed book from Wall Street Journal, New York Time, and has won many awards. The book shares a perspective of a grandparent and a grandchild in the bustling city life.

#2 Duck Rabbit

Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Duck Rabbit is a simple and funny picture book, which pictures the world as how you look at it.

#3 Miss Nelson is missing

It is a fun book for new-scholars by Harry Allard. It is relevant to the children because they often complain about their teachers not realizing the fact- how approachable and friendly they are.

#4 Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat by author and illustrator James Dean is a fun series riding kids through the adventures of a cat. It is also one of the New York Times Children’s best sellers.

#5 The paper bag princess

Written by Robert Munsch, the paper bag princess is a tale of a princess who rescues an ungrateful prince.

#6 You will be my friend

This book by Peter Brown narrates a heartwarming tale on persistence and friendship.

#7 My lucky day

My lucky day by Keiko Kasza is a captivating illustrative book with a surprise ending. Binding a day from the lives of an innocent piglet and a cunning fox into a story, Kasza presents a fun read for your child.

#8 The dot

Through his wit, author Peter H. Reynolds encourages the hidden creativity to make a mark.

#9 Born in the Wild: Baby Mammals and Their Parents

It is a non-fiction by Lita Judge. The book tries to ingrain the love for nature and animals in kids. Born in the wild is indeed one among the great primary school books.

#10 Penny and her marble

Author Kevin Henkes is known for his mouse characters. Through his book Penny and her marble, the author narrates the story of Penny who finds a marble in the garden and is confused about whether to keep it or not. Other books from the Penny series are also good for new readers.

#11 May I please have a cookie

May I please have a cookie by author and illustrator Jennifer E Morris is a fun fable of Alfie who is a huge cookie lover. The book also incorporates learning manners.

#12 Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same!

Ling and Ting by Grace Lin is a fun story of identical twins conveying the message that people can have different natures even if they look same.

#13 Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

It is a treading delight by Dr. Seuss teaching children different sounds that animals make.

#14 Frog and Toad are friends

Frog and Toad are friends by Arnold Lobel comprises 5 adventurous tales of a frog and toad who are friends in every situations. It is a good read to incorporate friendship goals in kids.

#15 Little Bear

It is an age-old classic by Else Holmelund Minarik reminding mother’s love and care for children.

#16 Henry and Mudge

Henry and Mudge series by Cynthia Rylant features Henry and his lovable dog Mudge. The book is about empathy and compassion towards other beings.

#17 Ramona the pest

Author Beverly Cleary narrates the triumphs of Ramona- the kindergartner, who is very competitive and isn’t afraid of being her. It is a very relatable book for kids.

#18 National Geographic Kids Readers: Planets

Planets by Elizabeth Carney beholds impressive illustrations of the vast universe. It is highly recommended to develop curiosity and interest for the outer world in kids.

#19 Hi! Fly Guy

Author and illustrator Tedd Arnold takes the reader through the beautiful friendship between a boy and a fly. Kids will find ample puns, hyperboles, and silly sketches in this book.

#20 George and Martha

George and Martha by James Marshall is the story of hippopotamuses who discover friendship brings both problems and rewards.

Since, this list contains the selected books, you can easily find them at book stores or at online stores like amazon.