Reading aloud to your child can have a lasting impact on their social and emotional developments

A study published in the journal of pediatrics has found that the simple act of Parent – child reading aloud and play can promote social-emotional development in young children.

The parent-child-book moment even has the potential to help curb problem behaviors like aggression, hyperactivity and difficulty with attention

The best opportunity to influence a child’s future is in the childs first five years, a critical window of rapid brain development that does not occur at any other time. Children who hear fewer words during early childhood start school developmentally behind their peers and may never catch up.

When families read aloud to their young children, they can give them a better start to life. 95% of the brain is formed during the first 6 years of life. A child’s first few years are crucial in shaping their future. We encourage parents to be reading aloud to their infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers thereby helping their brain development and laying the foundation for success habits in the child for the years ahead.

It has been proven that children who read with their parents & those who are read-to by their parents tend to have improved language skills and have a greater love for reading

Carving out 20 minutes a day to read to children, listen to them read to you, or read together with them will raise their vocabulary and be your gift to them for life.