Why is reading one of the top life skills everyone must acquire?

life skills - reading

The core life skills include self-awareness, problem-solving, interpersonal relationship, effective communication, empathy, decision making, critical and creative thinking, to name some. And you’ll be amazed to know that reading helps in developing most of these skills. There is a reason to say- reading is one of the top life skills everyone must acquire. Let me elaborate.

Impact of reading on thinking

Reading cultivates the ability of creative thinking. People who read have a broader perspective and are able to adapt to changes quickly. This also helps in avoiding depression due to change of place, loss of a loved one, or other adversities.

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Not only creative thinking, but reading also develops one’s critical thinking capability. Readers understand peer-pressure, values, media, and they don’t get easily influenced.

Reading helps develop problem solving skills

Unresolved problems cause mental stress and impact one’s life’s satisfaction. Reading takes you through writers experiences and subconsciously you know how to deal with unfavorable situations. Through reading, you can develop problem-solving skills and become more sorted in day-to-day life.

If you’re read, you’ll naturally become good at communications

Effective communication is all about expressing oneself clearly. Misunderstood words create confusions. Reading develops our vocabulary and this helps us in picking the right word at the right time, without struggling for it.

Reading also makes you think about yourself

Thinking about oneself is not being mean. It is being aware of oneself, one’s capabilities, and interests. Knowing yourself can make you happier. You’ll not rush into things and can avoid the feeling of being in the wrong place. Reading helps you know yourself better than anyone else.

Final thoughts

Successful people won’t blame others for misfortunes. Rather they apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to overcome difficulties. And it’s also true successful people are avid readers. Hence, reading is indeed the top life skill to acquire.

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