Shun the TV, youtube, or iPad at night. Instead, READ!

reading over youtube

If you don’t want to get emotionally invested faster, then shun TV, youtube, or iPad at night. Reading makes you wiser, develops logical thinking; whereas these digital mediums are doing nothing but giving you a temporary mild adrenaline rush. Let’s take up the benefits of reading over youtube or other social media platforms.

Lose hours or win- your call.

You must have also encountered suggested videos, coming up, etc. which keeps you pulling to watch 30 minutes more and next. And whoa, you have spent hours watching videos motionless. But think, how much of the content you consumed you’ll remember the next day.

Whereas, after reading a piece, you want to rest, think, and analyze. You’ll not sacrifice hours, but you do will remember the little information you consumed.

Reading vs. Youtubing on your sleep

Watching TV, videos can make you feel that you are relaxing. But is it actually? Is it bringing you to sleep? Getting good sleep is also a sign of a relaxed mind.

With TV, you are constantly dragging yourself into sleeplessness. The digital media keeps your brain alert through light, sound, and action.

Whereas, reading induces sleep. Research says bedtime reading is associated with longer nighttime sleep in both toddlers and adults.

If you compare your mornings after reading and watching videos at night, you’ll observe, you feel fresher when you sleep after reading.

Effect of reading and watching videos on your attention span

Internet has directly affected our attention span. We have a flood of content in front of us and therefore we often don’t know where to pay attention. We are constantly distracted with a variety of information available on the internet.

Whereas, when you read, you are aware of the genre. You know what the topic is about. And you immerse in the topic with full attention.

Folks, I hope you agree with these points on reading over youtube and other digital media. You might also like to read about our brain activity while reading.