Reading and its impact on your child’s personality development

We always want the best for our children. But, are we preparing them for it? Reading is important for your child’s personality development. Read up to know how.

child's personality development

Every child is born with a unique personality and our job as a parent is to nourish their personality. Your child might be introvert, but that’s totally fine. Your child might be restless at times, but that’s also fine. We are not saying- change your child’s personality. But, yes, you can help them build their personality to sustain life’s challenges. And who could help better than a book? Here’s how reading could impact your child’s personality development.

Reading develops analytic thinking skills

Analytic thinking is a process and is not something anyone born with. Thinking is key to the art of analysis. And there is no doubt that all readers are thoughtful. Reading inculcates thought process, which gradually develops into analytic thinking skills. Earlier your kid develops a habit of thinking, sooner he will master analytic skills.

Reading makes your child judgemental

Its good to be judgemental. Its good to have an opinion. Reading opens up the doors to the outer world, which your kid can experience at a young age. One is able to decide between right and wrong only when he has witnessed other than usual. Right?

So, inculcate this trait on your child’s personality development through a reading habit.

Reading improves focus

In this tech era, how much attention span do you have? Would you like the same for your kids or more? Well, should definitely work to improve your child’s focus. People who read are more attentive and focused. And its good to have a focused mindset since childhood because what we learn as a child remains with us forever. Moreover, we cannot simply ignore the fact that books are important for personal development for kids.

Reading expands vocabulary

Of course, if your child reads, he will learn new words. He won’t fall short of words while explaining himself to others. Also, a good reader is often a good orator. So, incorporate the habit of reading to your child’s personality development.

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It also helps boost memory

Have you ever thought, why do we have books written? Why isn’t learning a verbal process? It is because while we read, we involuntarily start thinking. When we think, we are interacting with the subject more. This memorizes the things and eventually develops a sharper memory.

The bottom line

We, the parents have certain aspirations from our children. We want them to be polite, well behaved, and adhere to our likes and dislikes. But, the fact is, kids, do the things they feel right at the moment. They aren’t calculative as we are. So, why not we sow the seed of thoughtfulness in their habit? Also, there are different child personality development stages. The best we can do is hand them a good book and let reading play its part on your child’s personality development.