5 Fun ways to develop reading habits in children

Are you worried about your child running away from books? Would you send him to reading classes? Well, read these tricks to develop reading habits in your kids.

develop reading habits

Chase your child while he is playing and make him sit to read books. Is this what you have been doing? Well, mommy, we know how much you want to fuse the reading habits in your child. And there are better ways than forcing your child to read. You see, children are rebellious; they won’t do what they are told to. So, here are 5 fun ways to foster your kid’s love for reading.

#1 Read bedtime stories to your Child

This is the best time when your child can admit to reading or listening to something. He is already tired of his day’s activities, yet reluctant to sleep. Read him stories and it will benefit in two ways. One, he will fall asleep. Two, he will get to know that books are also fun.

In fact, bedtime stories are more than a way to debut reading. Here’re the benefits of reading bedtime stories to your kids.

#2 Start with short illustrative books

Start with comics, manga, or any other illustrative books. Kids understand pictures before text.

And it is totally fine if your child loves reading comics even after he has grown up.

#3 Ask them to read a piece of text for you

Yes, you can ask your child to read some text that you are unable to. And appreciate their help afterward. Children thrive to play the role of parents. They’ll feel the motivation to read more to help out their parents more.

#4 Parents- talk among you about books

You can casually pick a conversation about books during dinner, or while watching a TV. But, remember, you are talking about a children’s book when your child is listening. After all, your goal is to develop reading habits in kids. Your child might become curious about the book and you never know, same could be the next book he demands!

#5 Stroll around bookstores often

Not necessarily every time, but often visit bookstores, libraries with your child. Maybe, your informal outing can develop an interest in books in your child.

develop reading habits

Reading is all about habit. Every reader has encountered books sometime in his childhood. And if you are thinking about how to develop your child’s reading habit, it is not rocket science. If you’re already a level up, try these techniques to develop reading habits too.

Now that we know the fun ways to sow the seeds of reading, why not introduce it to your children just in time?