Why is reading the best workout activity for your brain?

Brain activity while reading - Reading is a mental workout

Many of us take up gym or yoga for a healthy body. But, do we care for our brains’ health? Can we simply avoid dealing with it by gulping a tablet? Honestly, taking care of mental health is simpler than it sounds. Read on to know the brains activity while reading and why we say it is the best workout for your brain.

Mental simulation

Research says reading prevents aging conditions like dementia or Alzheimers. The main cause of these conditions is the lost neural connection. Less mental work won’t challenge the brain to access the stored information elevating to conditions like dementia. Reading challenges your brain to think more eventually connecting dots between past and present.

Reduces stress

Reading is also at times de-stressing like gymming is for some. You get to enjoy your own space with a book and coffee.

Expands vocabulary

People with better vocabulary are more attractive and smarter. Moreover, having a good vocabulary is a sign that you’re able to express yourself clearly. This eliminates tons of problems related to misunderstanding.

You might like to know how reading helps in improving vocabulary.

Improves memory

Reading takes you to a phase of imagination and in fact, brain activity while reading is more than what you think. It forms a context around the subject, which is fundamental to memorizing a concept.

Better sleep

Bedtime reading induces sleep. After reading, you get a tighter and more relaxing sleep. And we know, how important is the night of good sleep for a healthy and happy next morning.


There are different strategies to nourish mental health. For instance, some feel relieved through meditation, while some feel calm by solving a challenging puzzle. The point is, ditch the habit which makes your brain inactive like watching videos online for a long time. Instead, you can pick to read newspaper, biographies, fiction, etc.